Saturday and Sunday

Spent some time in the studio on Saturday since uni was having an open day and we were allowed in.  For what it costs in fees they ought to be open 24/7 52/52 still I thought it might be useful and so I have tried: -

putting the discs back into a hole in a different coloured sheet, which looks quite good and I will try with geometric shapes rather than text

lengthened the bolt so the plates are further apart get better lighting effects

finalised the structure with glue

last photo is one in my series of stuff people throw away this gap is about 30 cms wide between two building but there is still stuff thrown into it

Busy if somewhat poorly recorded week.

What with one thing and another I have been remiss in my documentation recently, but that’s actually nothing new really and so we have for the week: -

  1. Piece for the Armistice day exhibition at the Old Fire Station. After taking advice I will not be using the wood from which the frames were cut as part of the piece rather they will be arranged as though they had fallen from the wall onto a shelf, some are glued together others will be arranged loosely pseudo-randomly.
  2. Continuing my interest in Live Edge Perspex this piece demonstrates that text, laser cut from the material using a stencil font shows the live edge when you subtend a suitable angle to the piece and it is brightly lit. 
  3. The sheets from which the circles in the piece above were cut are interesting in themselves when suitably arranged, lovely coloured shadows.
  4. As photograph 2 above
  5. One of the young women in L5 is looking at 3D images using various techniques and so we were having a discussion about making your own by moving the camera but using the grid display to ensure that the camera points at the same object despite having been moved laterally, and so we have here a cross eye stereogram of part of the studio. 

Thanks once more due to KZ (design of the legs his)

Things to consider: - the distance between the leaves on the text piece needs to be increased as this improves the effect but there were only short bolts in the workshop need to find some longer ones or used threaded bar.

I think that I will buy a couple more sheets of the pale blue and orange that I used for the previous Negative Space sculptural piece and add leaves to the one above.  As the light passes through one sheet it affects the colour of the one in front of it, so the more leaves the more opportunity for interesting colour effects. 

Armistice Day 11/11/2014

I have spent some time in the last few weeks thinking about how I would realise my new piece for the Armistice day exhibition in the Old Fire Station at Salford University and have settled on laser cut plywood frames rather than the very stylised perspex ones that I had already made, and so I have spent some time designing frame shapes in Illustrator and then: -

  1. Thursday cut them in various sizes with the laser cutter.
  2. Do I use them with grey board as backing but no images as planned?
  3. Friday, start to think about what colour they should be.
  4. Decided that they will have glass, well plastic, but no image or back so cut the inner from the design file out of thin PET.
  5. Settled on predominantly dark frames in keeping with the sort of late Victorian/Edwardian fashion of early 20th century.
  6. It must be said that I am an untidy worker, with a serious tendency to spread, but I do tidy up after myself and I did clean the bench down.

Thanks are due to Kostas who was as usual very helpful and patient and to a lady whose name I don’t know who was screen printing and reminded me that I should have been documenting each stage.

Monday I will continue to paint the frames and then mount the glass in them, I am as yet unsure if they with be arranged and fixed or just piled randomly.  

The waste material with the negative space is quite appealing and the temptation to put the cut outs back into the holes like a children’s game enormous

Topology II

more doughnuts

one and two OK

three flat and boring but still strictly a valid conformation of the base shape

four can’t tell how big it is with nothing to compare

Topology and Sculpture

In topological terms a doughnut and a tea cup are the same shape, you can deform the one into the other.

The two shapes in the photographs of the maquettes above are similar in that if the side pieces, that are only there to hold the shape, are removed the one may be deformed into the other by a relatively simple rotation.

I woke up the other morning with this shape in my head and managed to get into Uni without forgetting it.  Time to make a really big one.

Projection Mapping

So while people have been mapping entire islands using sixteen 20,000 lumen projectors thirty kilometres of cable  and the BBC Radiophonic workshop, see-

I have been playing with much more modest kit and animations, finally got it into a dark space, I am not unhappy with it but need to make an animation for the chimney in the centre, which is currently just a coloured block.

Big Sculpture Day

first event of the season 2nd and 3rd years get to meet the Debutantes 

The brief was “United we stand” with the reverse “divided we fall” as an understood option, the group I was in after some discussion and making of several iterations chose to illustrate the brief by this piece: -

Balance 2014 (found objects metal fabric glass and water)

Because the sculpture is in equilibrium the removal of one part of it will result in the collapse of the whole.

All the groups produced splendid work and although this one was voted best  I personally though one of the others just edged it 

Thence to the Old Fire Station to look at work from the staff and the new gallery space, both of which were impressive.

New Spaces read all about it get your new spaces here

contact sheet of studio spaces pictures taken this morning some busy already some not so, third year guys time to get yo ass in gear.


Actually real, not edited, colored sandstone mountains in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China

How many times will this nonsense turn up this has been edited there are painted valleys in several parts of the world but non of them have colours this bright The Huffington Post reported on it a year ago and admitted the pictures might have been tweaked see

(via artphotographymedia)

Invent a governmental system

Since it is Party congress time in the UK I will propose a restructuring of the governmental system to promote equality:

  1. Voting is mandatory with an “I don’t want to vote for any of these tossers candidates” box on the ballot paper
  2. reduce the number of MP’s to 600
  3. double the size of constituencies
  4. 300 seats for women and 300 for men
  5. each voter will vote for a man and a woman 
  6. run off votes to ensure you can’t be elected with less than 50% of the vote
  7. they don’t have to be in the same or any party
  8. five years fixed term parliaments a Prime minister may not serve for more than two terms
  9. A fully elected second chamber members to serve for ten years 300 seats elected as above 150 each

And while we’re at it lets have a written constitution and a bill of rights

Please post your own governmental system 

Morning Lizzie your passport is still valid!

Wot I ‘ave bin up to recently.

I haven’t posted that much recently, some people will of course say that this is a good thing, but since this tumblr account is essentially my sketchbook I suppose that I should at least attempt to keep it vaguely up to date.

Photographs above

  1. I have made an animation where the brickwork starts from the bottom and builds up adding window frames in and then people appear in the windows.  My intent is to lengthen the animation and then have the building overgrown by ivy and tumble down
  2. Went for a walk this afternoon to my local abandoned factory to see if there was anything new and there are two lovely pieces of street art by I imagine sps fym uks there is some other stuff on flickr with these names against it see the link below. 
  3. as above, there was a Hoskins tag nearby so I wonder if this refers to the late great BH
  4. The reason why I am temporarily not making that much.  I have started my dissertation research, I have actually started to write and have about a thousand words of introduction and personal statement which B and J will probably trash suggest is not totally relevant. Ho hum such is life.